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Orderliness |||||||||||||||||| 56%
Altruism ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Inquisitiveness |||||||||||||||||||||||| 80%

You are a Guide, possible professions include - career counselor, psychologist, educational consultant, special education teacher, librarian, artist, playwright, novelist/poet, editor/art director, information-graphics, designer, HRM manager, merchandise planner, environmental lawyer, marketer, job analyst, mental health counselor, dietitian/nutritionist, research, educational consultant, architects, interpreter/translator.
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Eight Installment

“Good Mooorning,” trilled Monica Simpson said walking up to a prone Jake, who was lying sprawled on one of the benches, a fedora hat over his eyes.
“Shh,” the rest of the band sitting around in the quad quieted her.
“He’s still sleeping,” Kendall whispered, holding a finger to his lips.
“Oh, um, I’m sorry,” Monica, said contritely softer.
Johnny shrugged, “Shouldn’t we wake him up anyway; class is gonna soon.”
Kris said, “No, let him sleep. You know how he is when you wake him up.”
“Are you talking to my girl, gay boy?” Adam sneered, walking up to the group.
Ted lounging on Kris, using his lap as a pillow, on a different bench looked at Adam with a raised eyebrow. He glanced up at Yu, standing behind the bench, and asked, “Is Monica Simpson going out with Adam MacGregor?”
“No! I’d never go out with him. You all know how much I love Jake,” Monica denied shrilly.
“Monica,” one of the cheerleaders in a group of them called as they came running over. “You need to come to the bathroom with me. You wouldn’t believe what the new girl has got.”
Monica looks over at her clique and inquired, “What? Who?”
They all converged on her and started pulling her away. “Just come with us.”
“Wait, I haven’t had a chance to say ‘good morning’ to Jake yet” she whined but let them drag her off towards the bathrooms.
Adam MacGregor stopped glaring Ted and followed the girls.
“That girl is annoying,” Jake grumbled sitting up, moving his hat to a jaunty angle on his head.
“Weren’t sleeping after all, huh?” questioned Kris.
Jake snapped grouchily, “How the hell can anyone sleep through that high-pitched voice.” He stretched with a yawned, looked up at the rest of the band and asked, “So. What’s the plan today? Should I go to class?
“Yeah you should before you fail,” Johnny quipped with a smile.
Jake threw his fedora hat at Johnny with a glare.
“Wait,” Kendall stepped between the two, “Don’t we have to go shoot our music video for ‘Wireless’ today?” He picked up Jake’s hat and gave it back to him.
“Yes,” Yu replied, “But it is not until this afternoon. Mr. Delphine has given us permission to leave after lunch.”
Kris looked after Monica’s group sitting on the bench with a pensive look. Noticing Kris looking after the gaggle of girls Ted asked, “What’s up?” hitting Kris lightly on the knee.
“I wonder who those girls are bullying now. And why.”
“Who cares,” Jake said callously. “Girls will be girls.”
“The only new girl I can think of though is the one that was with Mary last night,” Kris replied. “You know, what’s her name,” waving his hand around.
“Yo, you flirt with the girl all night attached to her hip and you can’t even remember her name,” asked Kendall incredulously. “Hey, I wonder if I can turn that into a rap lyric,” he danced around a bit.
Kendall started beating out a rhythm with his arm, “Flirted with a girl, her name don’t know…attached to my hip she was…”
Yu started beat boxing to give Kendall a rhythm.
Dame, dame, it’s no good I can’t think of anything this early in the morning.”
Mary Tinsdale, walked up to the group, said, “Showing off again, Ken doll?”
Kendall, suddenly self-conscious, stopped, and looked abashed. He stood still and fingered his short newly bleached platinum blond hair as if trying to groom himself.
Ted sat up and crossed his legs, smiled at Mary as she weaved an arm through Yu’s. “Hey, where’s your little sister today?” he asked her as he stretched his arms out along the back of the bench.
“I don’t know, I just got here so I haven’t seen her yet,” Mary replied. “Why?”
Oy,” Jake exclaimed interrupting, “Do you even know what a massage is?” to Johnny who was behind him trying to give Jake the massage he had asked for.
Johnny face fell and he sat down next to Jake bringing his knees up to under his chin, heels on the bench seat, and hugging them to his chest like a kid, said, “I was trying,” he sniffed pitifully.
“Well, try harder next time. You suck!”
“Who do you think you are?”
Jessica looked up apprehensively, “Are you talking to me?” she asked with a gulp, eyes shifting at the girls crowding the bathroom suddenly.
“I’m talking to the girl who thinks she can carry a Prada purse that looks like mine,” Monica sneered from the doorway, taking out her frustration of not being able to greet Jake out on Jessica. She walked over to bathroom counter and grabbed the purse the were offended at off it, throwing it at Jessica. Jessica caught it automatically but not before a few things fell out of it onto the floor.
“Yeah, who do you think you are,” one of the other girls repeated as she grabbed Jessica pushed her away from the bathroom counters towards the bathroom stalls.
Another girl followed and dug an index finger into Jessica’s temple. “How did a poor girl like you afford a Prada?” she asked as she grabbed Jessica’s arm and slammed her against a door of the bathroom stall.
“She probably stole it,” Monica said righteously, her armed crossed over her uniform, nose in air. The other girls laughed meanly nodding.
A toilet flushed and the girls all started in surprise. The stall door behind Jessica opened causing her to fall to the floor at a blonde girl’s feet.
“Good Morning, ladies,” Anne said as she casually stepped over Jessica as if she wasn’t there.
“Princess Anne,” squeaked one of the girls looking at her apprehensively.
The other girl jostled her and said, “shh, don’t call her princess to her face. Oh…er…”
Anne smiled and elegantly held a hand out as if for someone to kneel down and kiss, “That’s ok ladies, and I’m used to you all fawning over me. It’s… cute.” One of the girls knelt and kissed her hand. Anne let her and then wiped her hand on the girl’s uniform just as casually as she had stepped over Jessica earlier. She walked over to the bathroom sink and began washing her hands calmly with a lavender soup ball from the gold container on the sink.
“Anne,” said Monica simpering. “We are so sorry. We didn’t realize you were in here. We didn’t mean to disturb you.”
The other girl grabbed Jessica dragging her up, causing the of the purse’s contents to spill out all over the floor. “It’s just that this girl needed a lesson taught to her.”
Anne raised an eyebrow and looked at Jessica, “She looks familiar for some reason.”
“I…we… have English together,” Jessica whispered looking down at the floor with tears streaming down her face. “I said hi to you...yesterday.”
Monica and her girls gasped, “Without being introduced?” One of the girls slapped Jessica across the face. “How dare you? Some nerve…”
“Now, girls,” Anne said calmly, turning to dry her hands with a hand towel. “Please. We are all ladies here, aren’t we? Ladies do not act like bullying busybodies in St. Joseph High’s bathrooms over a simple purse,” she said tossing the used towel down on the bathroom counter next to barely used soap ball she had dropped there earlier. Everyone knew there would be someone to pick up after her shortly.
The girls all looked contrite and apologized to Anne. The girl holding Jessica let her go and Jessica slid back down to the bathroom floor. The girls came to stand, looking down ashamed, in a row in front of Anne.
Clapping her hands together, Anne said no longer even looking at Jessica, “Good girls. I think it’s almost time for class to start. Perhaps you should all run along now.”
“Oh, shit! Oops, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to swear in front of you,” Monica apologized. “Come on ladies,” she said trying to imitate Anne’s slight English accent and failing, “we have to go.”
“Monica?” Anne stopped her. “I hate to say this, but it looks like the purse you’re carrying is,’ Anne looked down at the purse on Monica’s arm and whispered, “a fake.”
“What?” Monica exclaimed. “No, it can’t be! I just got this at Horizon’s the other day. Oh. My. God,” Monica looked at her purse and wailed. She ran out of the bathroom in tears.
Adam MacGregor, who had been waiting patiently outside the ladies room, followed her asking, “What’s wrong Monica? Did someone do something to you?”
The other two girls looked at each other and smirked. Anne looked at them and said, “Be sure to let Monica know that I saw the real Prada bag in Paris a couple of months ago. I do have to say though that the New York fashion shows are much better nowadays than Paris or Milan.” Anne turned and sat in one of the plush armchair scattered opposite the bathroom counters looking at her image in the large mirror above the sinks. “London is getting much better too.” Her posture was immaculate and chin high as she sat there like a queen advising her court.
Two of the other girls looked at each other whispered, “London? Paris?”
“You may want to go after Monica, I’m sure she’s feeling bad now about carrying a Prada knockoff at our school,” said Anne kindly.
The girls apologized, said their goodbyes, and left. Anne laughed quietly to herself knowing that the purse hadn’t been a fake but wanting to mess with Monica who thought of herself as being up on the latest fashions.
Anne looked over at Jessica who was crumpled on the bathroom floor, crying and trying to gather the contents of her purse together. She got up and walked over to her, her movements always graceful since she had taken ballet from a young age.
“Don’t cry,” Anne said gently down at Jessica’s bowed head. Kneeling down she handed Jessica a pressed handkerchief with the letters ‘AEB’ embroidered intertwined on the corner. “Here, use this. Your eyes are going to get puffy if you don’t stop soon. Maybe we should wet this with some cold water,” Anne turned and did so at the sink. Turning back to Jessica she said, “Don’t let those girls get to you. You have to stand up to them or they will bully you the entire school year.”
Jessica sniffed and said, “thank you,” in a quiet voice head trying to hide her face while wiping away the tears.
“Next time something like this happens, let me know,” Anne said with a kind voice, “I know how to deal with those girls. Or maybe let your big sister know? You should have one. The teachers assign all the new students a big sister or big brother for the first semester when they start here.”
“Yes. Mary Tinsdale is my big sister,” stammered Jessica, holding the cold wet handkerchief to her eyes after wiping her face. She sniffled pitifully.
Anne sighed and stood up, “Well she’s doing a lousy job of it, probably off hanging around those musician friends of hers, as always she always done. I’ll have a talk with her.”
“Please,” Jessica removed the handkerchief from her eyes and said looking up at Anne. “It’s ok. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.”
“Alright, if that’s the way you want it, have it your way I guess,” Anne said, sighed again with a slight shrug. “I won’t say anything this time. Let’s hope Mary Tinsdale pays more attention to you so this doesn’t happen again.”
Anne turned to leave, paused and said, “That really is a cute Prada. I almost got that same bag last year.” Anne smiled at Jessica and walked out.
Jessica scrambled to grab the rest of the stuff that had spilled out of her bag and got up. She ran after Anne finally managed to reach her as they entered the covered walkway next to the quad.
“Um, excuse me,” Jessica said timidly. Anne turned and looked at Jessica with her head tilted a bit. Anne gave her a small smile of encouragement.
“I just wanted to say thank you for saving me.” Jessica looked at the dirty, wet, crumpled handkerchief in her hand and said, “oh, and I’ll wash this and return it to you.”
Anne looked at Jessica with puzzled look, “Why? It’s dirty. Just throw it away.”
Anne looked around and saw some of the students had stopped to gawk. “Who are you again?” She spoke disdainfully, “Don’t think that because I helped you a little in the bathroom that that gives you the right to speak to me in public. Just be more careful next time.”
She spun around gracefully leaving a hurt Jessica standing alone.
Jessica gulped and looked around at the some of the other students who were staring at her. Some of the girls who had stopped to watch the spectacle were laughing behind their hands while they pointed at her. Another group of girls were giggling and saying, “oh my god, who does she think she is. Just wait until we tell the others. It’s like the new girl thinks Princess Anne is her friend or something.”
Jessica looked down, dejected.

A little humor goes a long way. Ok a LOT of humor!

Some of you out there know that I've had a rough couple of weeks. Well it all came to a head on last Sunday after a horrible weekend. My health which isn't the best normally took a serious nose-dive and now I am struggling to climb up into the sky and fly again. For all those of you who are waiting for the next installment have patience please. I think I should be recovered by this weekend after being fed a nice dinner and getting to see The Dark Knight. *jumps for joy as much as she can with a sprained ankle, stretched Achilles tendon and aching body from physical therapy yesterday, that's not including the pain I have with fibromyalgia, sigh*

So this link gave me a wonderful chance to laugh my rear end off. I thought I'd share with my wonderful blog readers a little bit of humor, a lot of the muppets and, another favorite of mine, classical music. My favorite is the second one with the swedish chef, the crazy drummer dude and Beaker. I'm still laughing....

Muppets do classical *does a double take, blink* what the...*rolls on the laughing* OMG! OMG! OMG!!!!!!! Muppets rock!

Eight Crazy ER Stories

OMG! *shudder* Some of these are just awful. Some are just crazy. Most are because of human stupidity. I think a few deserve a Darwin award. I mean come on how do you forget a potato up your vajajay? Good grief!!!!!!!!!!!!

To think I was going to be a doctor. I'm not sure I could handle these people with a straight face. I bet they get so used to it though. I think the worse I ever heard was a guy who came up to my friend, a receptionist at a hospital, who was reluctant to say why he needed to be seen by the ER doctor. She finally managed to coax out of his wife that he had stuck a screwdriver up his rear. HIS REAR! I guess that's one way of being screwed...

*cymbals crash*

It's ok folk, I'm here all weekend. Please leave a tip if you enjoyed yourself tonight. Please do not throw tomatoes. They may have salmonella, you know! *grin*

Ok, ok so I'm not funny. Just read the link. Try not to laugh, I dare you!


Tonight is Tanabata, a festival celebrated in Japan on the Seventh day of the Seventh month. Per the wiki link:

Tanabata (七夕, tanabata?), meaning "Evening of the seventh") is a Japanese star festival, derived from the Chinese star festival, Qi Xi (七夕 "The Night of Sevens").

It celebrates the meeting of
Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair). The Milky Way, a river made from stars that crosses the sky, separates these lovers, and they are allowed to meet only once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month of the lunisolar calendar. Since the stars come out at night, the celebration is held at night.

I remember first hearing about this tale in Thailand when Sunset at Chaophraya or Khu Gam had a scene where the main character played by my all time favorite Thai singer/actor Thongchai McIntyre or Pi' Bird captured a firefly and placed in the hair of his lady love and told her the story of two star-crossed lovers who only meet once a year in the Milky Way. The lovers he is speaking of is, of course, Vega and Altair. The Chinese fairytale is actually well known throughout Asia and is beloved by all lovers who feel that they are destined to be together but are kept apart.

This is similiar to how I feel that Ueda-kun and I are. *sighs dramatically hand to forehead* Oh, but if only we could meet but once a year, my love. Ok, ok, so he has no clue who the heck I am and if he did he'd run the other way... A girl (in these instances aren't we all girls?) can dream can't she? I know what I will be wishing for tonight as the heavenly lovers meet for their yearly tryst in the Milky Way. May all my readers' dreams of love and life come true.

Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday to the United States and Akanishi Jin. My 4th was spent drugged up on vicodin and asleep. I made the mistake of tripping over a power cord that was in the walkway at work and according to my co-worker my head went for the glass windows and my body went a different way. The ER doc that night fixed me up and gave me drugs! Woohoo! Well, not really I'm not a fan of vicodin especially after spending all day asleep on the 4th. I get to spend today at my doctor's office making sure no permanent damage was done. Hopefully you all had a better 4th of July! In celebration here is the next installment. Last time we learned about Ted's home life now it's Anne's turn. 

Collapse )

Anne started up in surprise when she heard the gentle tap on her bedroom door.
“It is I, Niles, Miss,” she heard through the door.
“Come in, Jeeves,” she called out keeping her place the book she was reading with a finger.
Niles entered the room carrying a tray with a bowl of soup and a small dinner roll. There was silver pot and china cup for hot tea on it also. “I’ve brought up a dinner tray for you, Miss Anne,” he said setting the tray down on the small round table in the corner of Anne’s sitting room. “I do hope you are hungry. Cook made this especially for you.”
“Oh, Niles, you guys didn’t have to do that. I would have come down for dinner,” Anne replied, chagrined.
“Dinner was an hour ago, Miss.”
“Oh,” said Anne. “I must have gotten lost in my book.”
“I understand. Books have a way of making you do that, do they not?” Niles smiled while pulling out the chair at the table. “Please, will you sit?”
Anne rose from the chaise lounge next to the bay window with a sigh. “Did Mama leave instructions for you to make sure I was fed tonight?” she asked as she laid the book down.
“No, Miss, we downstairs were worried,” Niles, said as he pulled a chair out for her. “You haven’t regained any of the weight you lost last year. You are far too skinny, if I may say so.”
“You already did,” Anne teased gently, sitting down in the chair. Niles pushed the chair in and laid a crisp napkin across her lap.
“Enjoy your dinner, Miss Anne,” he said with a slight bow before turning to leave.
When he reached the door Anne suddenly said, “It helps you know. Reading I mean. It helps me escape from this world.”
“May I inquire as to what you are reading tonight?”
Pride and Prejudice.”
“Ah, a charming book, the gentle world of Regency England to sooth the soul,” Niles said poetically.
“Spoken like a true Englishman,” smiled Anne.
“Do you hate this world so much, Miss Anne?” Niles questioned, hesitatively.
“No, not anymore, it just helps to escape sometimes,” Anne replied her lips twisting and sounding bitter.
“I understand,” Niles said even though he didn’t, “My apologies for the rude question.”
“That’s ok,” Anne said picking up her soupspoon. “You don’t have to be so stiff around me, Jeeves.” Anne gave Niles a genuine smile.
“Why thank you, Miss,” Niles said reaching the door. “Please ring for one of the girls when you are done and someone will be up to collect your tray.”
Anne wryly recalled all the times they’ve had the same conversation. Anne always told Niles to relax and Niles would always thank her and act the same stiff formal way. Anne didn’t mind though as she knew the staff truly cared for her.
When she heard the door click shut and made sure she was alone she got up, took the bowl of soup and walked to the bathroom. She threw the soup into the toilet and flushed it. Replacing the now empty bowl onto the tray she took up the bread and crumbled it so as to look as if it were eaten or at least picked at. She poured herself a cup of tea and tossed the napkin across the tray to cover the damage before pushing the tray over to the side. Walking back to the chaise lounge she had been on, before Niles had shown up, with her cup and saucer of tea she sat down and picked up her book again. Sipping her tea, she easily found her place in the book and entered world of Jane Austin.


The Spoon Theory and Chronic Ilness

The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino at is the best explanation I have ever come across on how to explain what dealing with a chronic illness is like for those who suffer daily. I have mentioned before that I have Fibromyalgia and that it's a chronic pain condition with no cure. I know that even the most empathetic person has a hard time understanding why I don't look sick but can't do something because I am. I know that the people who look at me funny when I walk like I'm 80 years old have no clue that my feet are in so much pain that walking is like knives stabbing them every step. Even my closest friends sometimes don't get it.

I know all this but it doesn't help the hurt I feel when I have to deal with people who only judge a book by it's cover. It hurts to be looked at an pitied. It hurts to get glared at when I park in a handicap parking spot because I don't look sick. Some days I think it would be easier if I just get a wheelchair or have a limb missing. At least then people KNOW you are handicapped. Then all you have to do is deal with the pity or the insincere offers of help.

I am really not trying to be bitter here but I'm just tired of being tired. I'm tired of being in pain and trying to explain myself to people who look me in the eye and tell me I'm lying. The person I am talking about has no reason not to believe me. He sees me when I'm limping around the house. He saw me after I had major surgery and could barely walk without gasping in pain. He saw me when all I could eat for a week was water and Saltine crackers. He's knows that there are days I can't get out of bed and spend the entire day asleep.


Gee, I didn't know I was that great an actress. Maybe I should move to Hollywood and win an Oscar.

*sigh* Ignorance is one thing. At least you can be taught. Outright stupidity...

I am not even going to bother trying.

That is your loss not mine. So to all you readers out there remember the person next you may not look sick but could have cancer, lupus, or fibromyalgia. All we ask is that you TRY to empathize. I would never want anyone I love to have to go through what I do on a daily basis. It's not fun. May you never have to go through being chronically ill, but if you do then know that at least I understand and empathize.

Please check out the Spoon Theory. It's a great story and the website forum is awesome if you need support or need to know what it's like for a chronically ill person. If you are dealing with bad heath or know someone who is then my heart goes out to you. For all of you who are healthy thank God, Allah, Buddha, and any other diety you'd like because your good health is a blessing. You may not always have it so please appreciate it and take care of it. 

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Should I continue to post my story?

Yes, I enjoy reading it.
No, you can't write worth anything.
I don't know.
Maybe, but it might be hard to get published.
I don't care

Sixth Installment

Just made in time. It's been a long day and it's going to turn into a long week. I'm finally back to being a semi-productive member of society. Yay! I think? Ask me tomorrow after I've gotten some sleep. Or better yet this weekend AFTER this week is over. So this installment will show a bit of Ted's home life. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy this installment. 

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At the Grayson’s estate, dinner would be served in thirty minutes. The table had been set with expensive china and fine crystal. The silverware gleamed on the pure white tablecloth. Soft classical music played in the background. Fresh cut flowers were arranged in vases around the dining room. A candelabrum sat as centerpiece ready to be lit prior to dinner.
“Theodore, please change out of that uniform. It looks as if you’ve been rolling around on the ground again.” Mrs. Grayson said to Ted as he walked in the front door. She turned back to the large round table in the foyer to put the finishing touches on he large bouquet of flowers cleverly arranged in a large expensive urn on the center of the table.
“Good Evening, Mother,” Ted said already heading for his room. “I thought it was just a small dinner with Anne and Mrs. Broadmoor,” Ted said as he walked up the stairs.
“Yes, it is. But we dress for dinner in this house, young man,” Mr. Grayson said as he walked from the den carrying a cocktail. “We shouldn’t have to tell you that.”
“Yes, sir,” Ted replied as paused on the stairs. “I mean, no sir, you shouldn’t. I know that. I just thought it would be nice to eat like normal people.”
“We aren’t normal people Theodore,” sniffed Mrs. Grayson, putting her diamond tennis bracelet back on and adjusting her large diamond earrings. “We have an image to uphold. The Graysons have always been known for their dinner parties. We have to show everyone how well-bred we are by following tradition.”
Ted bit his lip; he had been hearing the same words ever since he could remember.
“Lupe!” Mrs. Grayson called out for the maid. “Please sweep up the foyer I believe Theodore has tracked in some of sand.”
Ted sighed as he stepped into the shower, just once he wished his parents would forget they were rich. After a quick shower, he stepped out, wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into his room from the attached bathroom. He dried off, stretched, and pulled on a pair of D&G boxer-briefs. From his closet he grabbed a pair of grungy looking vintage jeans with holes in them and pulled them on, he then shrugged into a black T-shirt with a black and silver picture of Freddy Mercury on it he had gotten from his dresser drawer. He slid his arms into a crisp, thin, white buttoned down shirt that he buttoned only partially over the T leaving un-tucked and the cuffs unbuttoned. Next he very loosely tied a slim silver tie around his neck so that the knot was midway down his chest. He grabbed the last piece, a long, silk, black Armani suit jacket custom made for him from Thailand and threw it on the bed. He thought about how nice it would be nice to see Anne again. They hadn’t really been close since seventh grade and after growing up together Ted often regretted that.
Ted went back into the bathroom to style his straight light brown hair. According to his father it was slightly too long but he liked; he took great care making sure it look good. Returning to the bedroom he grabbing his suit jacket and pulled it on pushing the arms up to his about below his elbow so everything was bunched up right below it folding the long sleeves of his white shirt up over the jacket arms. From a jewelry box on the dresser he grabbed a necklace with what looked like a replication of the planet Saturn and put it on. Tying a small black leather cord around his wrist he used his teeth to tighten the knot. Finally he added a small hoop earring to hole in his left ear. Before leaving his room he put on some socks and stomp his feet into a pair of expensive black boots tucking his jeans into them.
As he opened his bedroom door he could already hear the sound of small talk and the noise of clinking glasses. Walking down the stairs he could hear his older sister saying something about the Grayson conglomerate. Ted smiled glad she was the one taking over now that his parents were giving up on him.
“I’m so sorry Anne couldn’t make it tonight,” Mrs. Broadmoor said suddenly. “I guess she just isn’t up to being social quite yet with everything that has gone on this past year.”
Jake’s shoulders drooped and he sighed. Tonight would be another boring dinner filled with nothing that interested him. He took a deep breath, shrugged his jacket into place tugging on the lapels and put on a charming smile trying not to look like he wasn’t gritting his teeth in agony.
“Good Evening, Mrs. Broadmoor,” he said walking into the den. He gave her a slight bow and small smile.
“Ah, Theodore, just in time,” his father beamed. “Play us a piece on the piano while we wait would you. It’s seems dinner is slightly delayed. That’s a good boy.”
As Ted walked over to baby grand piano next to the fireplace and sat down at the bench, stretching his arms out with fingers laced bending them backwards in preparation, he heard his mother boasting to Anne’s mother, “He’s been playing since he was three. Isn’t that wonderful? Oh, wait he started with Anne didn’t he? Does she still play?”
“Yes, she loves the piano,” Anne’s mother replied lying smoothly an expert at it. “I can’t get her away from the thing.”
Ted smiled to himself and chose ‘Fur Elise’. Ted had good memories associated with the famous Beethoven piano piece, as it had been the first song he and Anne had learned together. The piano teacher had wanted them to play ‘Blue Danube’ but they had both refused by throwing temper tantrums, something Anne was good at and had taught Ted to do. Ted chuckled silently remembering how they found out the pretentious little French man wasn’t really even French! It was the first time Ted had ever rebelled against an adult; beforehand he had always been the good little boy his parents wanted. If his parents wanted to blame anyone for his rebellious nature they could blame Anne he guessed. He was sure his father had meant for him to pick a more complicated piece to showcase his talent but he didn’t care. Wincing as he heard his fingers stumble in a slight mistake he stopped thinking and concentrated on playing with proper technique. After he finished he turned to the others giving a small bow while still sitting on the leather piano bench.
He could tell by his mother’s pursed lips that she had heard where he messed a few keys. The others, who had not noticed, clapped heartily congratulating him with ‘well done, well done’. Ted bit his lip knowing that his mother would criticize him later just as he knew his outfit didn’t pass muster with his father. However, one never aired dirty laundry in front of guest as his mother often said, so Ted knew the lecture would come later tonight after everyone had left. 
He was saved from having to play anything further when the maid came in and said, “Dinner is served.”
Luckily he was saved again later from hearing a tirade from his parents when his mother was too busy berating the poor maid and private chef for dinner being served late and the poor servicing Lupe had done, according to his father, at the dinner table. Ted who was leaning against a windowsill behind his parents, who were sitting on a ornate 17th century Queen Anne re-creation, looked at Lupe wincing in sympathy as his mother’s voice became shriller and shriller while his father glared at them. He shot Lupe an apologetic look and then grinned gorgeously from behind his mother’s ruler straight back when Lupe gave him a secret wink. He realized the maid had seen his mother’s look when he made that mistake at the piano earlier and was stepping in as she always did to protect him from his mother’s wrath. He gave a slight bow as a way of thanking her.
The chef caught Ted’s small bow and started to grin which drew the wrath onto him as Ted’s parents started in on the actual dinner. They berated the chef on how the food hadn’t been seasoned to their taste. The presentation hadn’t looked like it usually did when they were dining at the French Laundry, the best and possible the most expensive restaurant in the United States, where the chef had trained under the world famous Thomas Keller. His parents were huffing about some small detail they had disliked. Keller also had a two other restaurant named Per Se in New York City and Bouchon in Las Vegas, where Ted’s parents would fly off to as a whim occasionally. Since both of them knew Thomas Keller personally they rarely even needed a reservation at any of his restaurants even though the waitlist often needed to be reserved months in advance.
Both Lupe and David Arnold, their personal chef, stood at attention trying to look as if they were sorry. Ted escaped from the library with a quiet ‘good night’ to his parents, giving his mother a quick good night kiss on the cheek which was barely acknowledged as he went past her, then went up to his room. He would thank Lupe better tomorrow morning when she served him his breakfast in bed. Maybe he could pick her some flowers from Mother’s prized rose garden as a present he thought running up the stairs to his suite of rooms.
Ted walked into the room he had set up as his office cum playroom he tried tossing his suit jacket, which he had shrugged out of on the way in at the door from the hall, through the open door leading to his bedroom. He didn’t even notice the jacket missed his target and now lie in a crumpled heap next to the wall. Lupe would be up to pick up after him tomorrow anyway he would have thought. The room he was in was full of expensive gadgets and guitars of various forms. Ted knew they hated him playing the electric guitar but he loved it. There was a large screen flat screen attached to the wall in front of a leather sofa with a Wii, an Xbox and a Sega playstation3 all hooked up to it. A wall of bookcases opposite the large windows, that overlooked the landscaped courtyard in the back of the house, held an enormous collection of cds, dvds, and various video games for the various systems as well as a large collection of fantasy/science fiction books. Ted unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged out of it. That thrown onto the floor also and then he walked over to the latest high tech gaming computer and tapped a key to wake it up.
Sitting down in front of the computer he decided to order some gourmet items off the Internet as a thank you for the personal chef. He checked one of David’s favorite websites,, to see if there were any recommendations on what to get. Anne often told him he needed to be more thankful at how much the maids and other took care of him. Ted tried really hard to live up to Anne’s expectations while fighting his own careless thoughtlessness. This was something of a bad habit he had developed. Servants were always around both of them. They had personal servants and when younger they had nannies or governesses to watch over them. Neither of them had to even lift a finger before someone was bringing them whatever they desired or picking up after them. Ted thought with a sad smile of the person who had really raised him, his Nanny, who had been let go when Ted reached twelve years of age, would be especially proud of her.
Anne had turned out to be extremely nice to her servants, in contrast to her mean ‘I’m better than everyone’ act she put on for everyone at school, as her governess had taught her to be. She even liked to eat in the staff kitchen with them occasionally when she knew her mother would be gone. Ted loved to join her there when he had a chance to stay over at her estate. Nanny-Nan as Ted used to call his nanny, on the other hand, would be troubled that Ted didn’t care as much about the servants’ personal lives as Anne did. He did try to give small heartfelt gifts to everyone throughout the year as presents for taking such good care of him, something his parents would be horrified at if they knew. Ted wondered if Anne was disappointed in him about that and that had been the real reason Anne had pulled away from their close friendship after seventh grade.

Fifth Installment

Well we seem to be drying out here in Des Moines. I feel bad for the rest of the midwest though. I am sure St. Louis is going to be seeing a ton of water heading down the Mississippi towards them. The news people seemed concentrated on only Iowa though so who knows. I do know that Cedar Rapids is awful! So please say a prayer for them as they get to pick up the threads of their lives. I know I wouldn't want to go back to a soggy underwater mess to find all my possesions ruined.

So here is the fifth installment. People begin to converge and more of the plot comes out. You all will finally get to meet Pete, who is based on YamaPi. I love YamaPi, but I really have a hard time writing based on him as I can't seem to find much on him. Anyone have some news or personality traits of Yamashita Tomohisa to pass on? Please do. It will help me. Thank you and thank you for reading. I really wish those of you all over the world would leave a comment to at least say hi! 

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“What are you guys doing here? Aren’t you supposed to at PV[1] dress rehearsal?” Mary asked.
“Oy, yo, Marybell, somebody’s got to work and support that shopping habit of yours,” Kendall smirked ignoring her question; looking at the large shopping bags they carried.
“From what I saw of your sales it’s definitely not you guys that are making J-1 their money,” Mary quipped back referring to the boys’ record company. “So that means you guys should be working harder not goofing off.”
Kendall was wearing a typical rapper style black outfit sans too many accessories. It may have been his costume for the music video as Johnny was still wearing his. His outfit was normal though and if you looked at him in his rapper style clothing you wouldn’t know it was a costume.
In fact, Mary thought to herself, it may not be a costume and just something from his closet. It looked as if he just grabbed a bunch of stuff and threw it on. He was, as usual, wearing a baseball cap. This time it was a little sideways instead of backwards like he normally wore it. Mary wished he would pull his pants up for once as she hated the baggy, underwear exposing look rappers tended to adopt. At least he wasn’t wearing the flashy accessories, or at least not as many as, he usually wore. She did like the unique necklace with the twisting silver pendant he wore today.
“Don’t worry, Mary. The choreographer decided we needed a rest up tonight since tomorrow afternoon is the shooting. It has a pretty intense dance routine we’ll have to do over and over,” said Johnny a little tired from just the practice. “We didn’t want to go home so we decided to get dinner together,” Johnny added unnecessarily.
Mary looked over at him, nodding in acknowledgement. Johnny was wearing a pair of tight dark jeans, a grey t-shirt, and a similar colored suit jacket. The light suit jacket looked like the sleeves had been torn off and was opened to show the plain T-shirt underneath, next to the lapel was weird dangling brooch looking thing. A light black chiffon scarf was loosely tied around his neck as if a tie. The long ends were trailing down his chest and fluttering in the wind. Black boots completed the outfit.
“I bet she can figure that out, Aho[2]!” Jake said to Johnny kicking him lightly. He turned to the guy next to him and said, “It’s annoying that she plays secretary for Paul sometimes. I think she knows our schedule better than we do.” Glancing at Kendall and Mary glaring at each other he said, “Doesn’t it seem like Mary and Kendall are always at each others’ throats? They’ve been like an old married couple since we’ve met them.”
“Ah, yes, love at first sight,” the guy questioned. He raised an eyebrow at Jake obviously trying not to laugh at the lie he was telling.
“Something likes that.” Jake replied grinning as he rested by leaning on the guy with an elbow on his shoulder. His dark suit jacket fell open to reveal a partially buttoned shirt that showed off his naked chest. Jake’s muscles were defined as he liked to lift weights and he had a pretty well toned swimmers’ build. He liked showing it off; often wearing suits in different ways casually however it fit his personality. The best dresser of the bunch his shoes were made of expensive alligator skin. This and his build is what earned him the title of sexiest band member of KIDS GT.
“Peter Undermont, still hanging out with the playboy,” Mary said as a way of greeting him. “I’ve told you, you need to pick better friends.”
Kris grabbed Jessica’s hand, causing her to drop the large bag, and raised it to his lips to brush it lightly with his lips. Jessica blushed when he asked Mary, “Speaking of friends, are you ever going to introduce us to the lovely lady you’ve taken under your wing?” He smiled flirtatiously at Jessica seeming to loath letting her hand go. Jessica smiled back nervously and picked up the bag. Kris took it from her trying to be the gentleman. “Here let me carry that for you.”
“If I have to,” Mary said resignedly looking at Kris with a slight roll of her eyes.
“Yes, I think you have to, in fact, I insist,” Kris said giving Jessica a look-over obviously liking what he saw. Jessica looked at Kris who was dressed in dark grungy looking jeans and a t-shirt with some unique cartoon drawing on it that looked was vintage rocker. A light suit jacket was unbuttoned and completed the outfit along with slightly dirty, dark red canvas Converse shoes. They looked like the pair Will Smith had been so happy to get in his movie a few years ago. Jessica couldn’t remember which one, as she didn’t really keep up with pop culture like normal teens her age did.
Today he had also added fedora hat to his outfit. The hat was tilted at a rakish angle on his head. His bangs always seemed to be in his eyes and Jessica wondered if they ever bothered him. His hairstyle while a little long looked good on him, since he rarely brushed his bangs behind his ears maybe it didn’t bother him. Mary thought it made him look a little feminine, but then again they all looked a little feminine at times. All except for Kendall and his buzz cut hair that was growing out.
“Sorry, Jessica you might hate me for this later,” Mary said to Jessica. “Guys this is Jessica. She’s my little sister and in our English class.” Mary looked pointedly at Jake, “She’s from somewhere in the middle-east, like Iran or something.” Mary named the Middle-eastern country thinking that was what Jessica had said earlier, getting it wrong again. Anyways, she’s cool so be nice to her. It would help if you all took her under your wing, too.”
“Oh-yo, the boss’s daughter commands, we better listens to her,” Kendall interjected.
Kris just nodded and murmured, hugged Jessica to his side arm around her shoulder, “of course.” Looking at the other band members he said, “chichyaina? Cho Kawaii.[3]
Mary shot Kendall a poisonous look. “I was going to say, before someone interrupted me, these guys are KIDS GT. The flirt is Kris. The annoying one is Kendall. That’s Johnny. Jake, who is supposed to be in our English class, is in the back. And T… hey where’s Ted?”
“He had to go home to Mummy and Daddy. I guess there’s some dinner party with the Queen tonight,” Johnny said trying to imitate Jake’s sarcasm.
“The Queen” repeated Jessica, shocked.
Everyone turned, looked at her for a second, and started laughing. Mary sighed, “It’s a joke. They mean Princess Anne’s mother. I’m actually surprised that actually came out of Johnny’s mouth. You usually have a hard time with complex ideas, don’t you?
“Hey, now, don’t be picking on our village idiot,” Jake leaped Johnny’s defense in a way. Kris and Kendall snickered.
Kendall quipped, “Yeah, only we get to do that,” playfully jostled Johnny, who looked puzzled.
“ forgot me,” stammered Yuichi.
“Don’t feel bad,” quipped Pete. “She didn’t introduce me at all. At least she introduced you as part of KIDS GT.”
“I didn’t forget, Yu. I just got a bit side-tracked,” Mary said with a smile. This is Yuichi, who we all call Yu, because it’s easier. He’s from Japan so he’s the hardest working member of this worthless band.”
“Hey, now,” the rest of the band yelled at her.
“Oh, oops, I had to include you in that Yu. Sorry about that,” Mary said with an apologetic look to Yuichi. He was the only member dressed in the dark blue blazer that was required for St. Joseph’s school uniform. His dark pants were pressed and neat. His red tie looked as did had this morning when he first put it on. The only way a person could tell there had been anything done in the clothing was that there was a small mark on his white buttoned down shirt underneath the blue blazer. A large school herald patch was located on the right side of the blazer. This blazer is similar to the one’s all the girls are supposed to wear also as part of the school’s uniform.
Pete coughed. “And my name is Pete, if you didn’t catch that earlier, since it seems Maypole here has forgotten her manners,” he said smiling at Jessica.
Jessica looked at him and furrowed her brow. Kris grinned and said, “He looks familiar doesn’t he?”
“Uh, yeah, but…”
Mary sighed, again. “He’s Peter Undermont, famous boy wonder, child actor since he was 7, model, singer, etc, etc. The Emmy’s people should be calling any day now, right? He’s been in…. what the hell have you been in again?”
“Oy!” Jake said. “Don’t be a brat, Mary.”
Jessica looked at everyone, confused. “You all must know each other really well…”
“We’ve been friends for awhile now,” Pete said. “Don’t mind us, we’re always like this. I have a TV show I’m acting in right now and I’ve done a couple of movies. Do you watch Catch Me? I play the young genius Dr.”
“Oh my god, yes I watch that. I’m so sorry. I even didn’t recognize you without the glasses and nerdy hairstyle.” Jessica said shyly, jumbling her words nervously. “You’re great. It’s really believable that you’re a genius.” Pete bowed slightly as thanks.
“Looks aren’t everything, Jessica,” Mary interrupted. “This guy goes to St. Joseph with us and he barely passed last year.”
“We were in a TV miniseries together,” boasted Kris to Jessica.
“Yeah before that I used to hate him,” Pete added.
Kris nodded, “Remember the huge fight we had in the park before starting to film that? I thought Paul was going to kill us for showing up with bruises all over.”
Pete grinned, “Maido Ari~[4].” Pete then held his hand up, made a dog shadow puppet with it to make it bark at Kris and said, “Kon[5].”  Kris snorted a laugh.
“He did have a reason for missing school last year, Mary,” Johnny said a little slow as he tried to bring peace to the conversation. The boys looked at him, blinking, shook their heads and sighed. Kendall kicked him for it when Johnny looked at the rest of them puzzled.
“Anyways, we are on our way to Koi Fish, the new sushi place around the corner,” said Kris, smoothly changing the subject. “You’re coming with,” he told Jessica giving a beautiful smile as an invite.
Jessica looked at Mary who nodded, “If you want to.”
“I’ve never tried sushi,” Jessica replied apprehensively.
“What? Where’ve you been living? Des Moines, Iowa?” Kendall joked.
“What the hell do you know about Iowa, Ken doll,” Mary snapped at Kendall. Smiling at Yu, she linked arms with him and said, “ok, Yu, lead the way. I bet you were the one who found this place.”
“Actually, Kris is the one that found it,” replied Yu as he walked towards the restaurant. Kendall scowled and followed with Johnny.
“Yup, don’t forget it’s a right when we get to the back of the plaza,” Kris yelled after them. He murmured to Jessica, “You’ll love it. Trust me. You have to try the squid, my favorite. It’s sweet and chewy, like here,” he nibbled Jessica’s ear. Jessica jumped, surprised.
Jake looked at Kris with a raised eyebrow and said to Pete, “Since when is raw squid sweet?”
Pete just smiled and replied, “If it’s really fresh there is a hint of sweetness.”
“Raw?” squeaked Jessica as Kris led her after the rest of the gang.
“Don’t worry, Jessica. There are some non-raw items if that bothers you.”
“Man, you are being way too nice today,” Jake, groused.
Jessica looked back and smiled her thanks.
“That’s how you treat the ladies,” Pete winked.
“Ok, Kris,” laughed Jake as he grabbed Pete and nuzzled his ear.
Pete pulled away sharply and smacked Jake upside the head. “You’re definitely sleeping in your own room tonight. I don’t want you all up on me in the middle of the night again. Waking up spooning with you is everyone’s worse nightmare.”
“It wouldn’t be if you were a girl,” Jake said following the others with a grin. He turned, walking backwards and gave Pete an once-over, “Actually you’d make a pretty hot chick. A little too skinny for me though, I like with them with a little more meat on their bones.” He turned around and grabbed his ass, shaking at Pete.
Pete did a few short running steps and did a flying drop kick at Jake’s butt. He missed and got him on the hip instead. Landing lightly on his feet he walked away from Jake trying for a manly strut. Jake had fallen to the ground and was pretended to be groaning in mock agony hand to his hip.
Jake got up with a laugh and followed yelling with his hands cupped around his mouth, “Weak!” Jake ran over to Pete and tried hopping onto his back as if wanting a piggy back ride, he imitated Arnold Schwarzenegger, the govern-ator of California, “You. Are. Girly-man.” Pete grabbed Jake as if to give him one, missed, then shrugged him off him laughing with him.
Kris stopped flirting with Jessica long enough to glance back at them, trying not to laugh too. He pretended to be jealous. “You two make a good couple, I think I’m jealous,” Kris paused to say with a hand on his cocked hip. Pete rolled his eyes at him and pretended to shot Kris in the middle of the forehead when he was reached Kris and Jessica, who was still held attached to Kris’s side by his arm around her shoulders.
Jessica eyes widened as she looked between the three guys, wondering.
Oy[6]!” Kendall called jumping up and down in front of the small non-descript storefront where the others were gathered waiting for the stragglers goofing off. He pointed to a place with no sign and asked Kris, “Is this the place? I always forget since there’s not a sign above the door.”
Kris nodded and said at Jessica’s questioning look, “It’s a small place so not too many people know of it. They only advertise by word of mouth.” Reaching for the door, with a small letter A in the corner, he pulled it open for Jessica and said, “ladies first.”
Mary made fun of Kris, giggling. “You aren’t trying too hard at all, are you?”
The rest of them nodded their agreement, snickering, as they all bowed and swept their arm toward the door at Jessica and Mary as if they were 15th century courtiers in Queen Elizabeth I’s court. Kendall actually went as far as pretending to sweep a cloak off his shoulders and laying it on the ground at Jessica’s feet. Jessica blushed, embarrassed by all the attention, and entered the restaurant followed by Mary and the rest of the gang. She was surprised that it was bigger inside than it looked from outdoors. Kris told the kimono-clad hostess that they had reservations but had two more ladies joining them tonight.
An older lady in a beautiful patterned obviously expensive silk kimono greeted Kris and the others leading them to a private tatami room that was enclosed by paper shoji doors. Sliding open the Japanese style door she bowed in that graceful Japanese way to them all and said, “Iitarashyaimase. Maido arigato gozaimashita. Kimitachio mada kittemashita ne[7].”
The all bowed a little awkward, saying, yoroshiku onegaishimasu and thanking the owner who had been kind enough to come greet them herself and were about to step into the room that looked like it had been transplanted all the way from Japan. Yu replied while bowing in return to the owner’s bow, “Do itashimashite. [8]” He murmured apologetically, “Shitsureshimasu[9]bowing again, the only one who managed to look graceful while doing it. The owner asked the group to remove their shoes then gently gestured to the room and said, “Douzo[10].” Kendall pulled Johnny aside and whispered something about pulling a prank on one of the other band members. Jake, who overheard, looked over and winked pointing at Kris behind his back. The other two guys grinned and nodded. Yu looked at them somehow figuring out what they were going to do. He grinned along with them but then they all quickly wiped the mischievous looks off their faces when Kris sitting down, legs tucked up under him Japanese style, on the small cushion at the low table, glanced over at them. He was incredibly clueless.

[1] PV = promotional video or music video as it’s known in the States.
[2] Aho = Ass?
[3] Chichyaina? Cho Kawaii = Isn’t she tiny? Possibly referring to Jessica’s height. So cute.
[4] Maido Ari~! = Thanks again/as always. This was a common phrase taken from Kurosagi, a Japanese drama/manga, about a swindler who swindles other swindlers that was popular in Japan in 2006. The main character always thanked the swindler after beating them in a swindle with this saying.
[5] Kon! = A reference to Nobuta wo Produce. Akira uses this word and movement a lot and the other two are shown picking that up. It’s very cute when seen but hard to describe in text.
[6] Oy = common way of getting someone’s attention in Japan. It is impolite so usually used amongst friends.
[7] Itarashyaimase. Maido arigato gozaimashita mada kittemashitane = Welcome. As always thank you. You all are came here again.
[8] Do itashimashite = You’re welcome.
[9] Shitsureshimasu = Please excuse me for the inconvenience (usually said with a bow when entering somewhere like someone’s home in Japan).
[10] Douzo = please (often said when wanting you to do something such as enter a building etc).


The Iowa floods and the Midwest tornados

(Image from Issy in Cali)
(Image from Des Moines Register)


Ok, for all those who are concerned I do live in Des Moines, Iowa and yes we are flooded. My home is on a hill with it's own septic tank (we live in the middle of the city but it's in an area that is slightly country) so we are pretty high and dry. Downtown which is about 5 miles away from me and it a pain to get to right now. They main artery road that goes into downtown and connects to the north part of town is flooded out. It lookes like the road suddenly goes into a lake and then emerges about a mile later. The easiest way around is to go out to West Des Moines and travel in. Right now they are asking people to stay away from downtown and any flooded areas. We are looking at the river cresting soon so that will help us but God help St. Louis. I hear we are getting more rain this weekend though so that's a big concern. *sigh* And to think I used to be like I'm glad I don't live in Cali when all the fires and earthquakes were going on. Yup, we get tornados here in Iowa but not in the city were I live. It's very rare. I do hope any of my loves ones here and everywhere are safe. Please try to check in if you can so I know you are ok. Thanks a bunch. To all those concerned in other States, thank you. I will try to post updates to let you know we are ok.
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